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Upledger Craniosacral Therapy / Reiki

 Sedona, Arizona

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About Me

I always felt the call to be of service to others; and spent 27 years as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner working with infants and adults. My last 10 years were spent working with children with special needs where I was introduced to Upledger CranioSacral Therapy in 2015. I am an Upledger Institute Certified CranioSacral Techniques Therapist and Komyo ReikiDo Shihan (Teacher).  I decided to retire from OT and graduated from Sedona School of Massage in order to  follow my path in CST and Reiki. 

During my free time, I seek nature through hiking and fly fishing!


I am located in the vibrant city of Sedona, Arizona and I look forward to meeting you!

Payment: Cash/Venmo @kokorohealing 

Kokoro is a Japanese word describing the mind, body and spirit as one - each element as being indivisible from one another.

Location: Village of Oak Creek of Sedona

Services Offered  

CranioSacral Therapy

CST is a gentle hands-on technique that works with the soft tissue structures of the body and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid between the head and the base of the spine. Helps body release restrictions. 

(Please See Service Description for more details)

$90 60-mins 

$120 90-mins 

(Cash / Venmo)

*call or text for appointments




 Reiki is a form of energy healing using "Universal Life Force" energy. Reiki aims to increase flow of energy and release blocks. Balancing of energy centers in one's body helps induce relaxation and healing.  

I am a practitioner of Komyo ReikiDo, the Japanese Branch of Reiki.

(Please See Service Description for more details)

Reiki may be added to your CranioSacral Therapy session without additional charge. 

$90 60-mins 

$40 20-min Distance Reiki  (cash/Venmo)

*call or text for appointments


Komyo ReikiDo Classes

I offer  Komyo ReikiDo in-person classes for Shoden (level 1), Chuden (level 2) and Okuden (level 3)

Komyo ReikiDo is the Japanese Branch of Reiki.

Please go to "Reiki Classes" in the menu for more information. 

Call or text 208-906-6850

Microcurrent Point Stimulation

Dolphin Neurostim is designed for the treatment of chronic and acute soft tissue pain. It applies brief, concentrated DC micro-impulses (<=1milliamp) to acupuncture/trigger points to reduce nervous system stress in order to relax muscles and relieve pain. 

Vagal Nerve Stim has been authorized by Health Canada in 2022 to treat adults with COVID Long Haul symptoms.

Vagal Nerve Stimulation and or Pain Protocol 

no extra fee as part of your 

 90 min CST sessions

Scar Release

$25 per 15 mins

For more information about Dolphin Neurostim MPS please visit their website:

Reiki Treatment
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Aileen brings an immediate sense of calmness; her intuition, craniosacral knowledge and energy work not only supported me for the immediate day, but brought a sense of stillness. She had a long term effect on decreasing my TMJ pain over time. Aileen also helped decrease the severity of my menstrual cramps after just one session of Craniosacral Therapy.

Kaitlyn S., Boise, ID

Receiving hands on therapeutic touch with Aileen was a gentle and transformative experience. With her intuitive nature and knowledge of Craniosacral therapy and Reiki, she was able to help my body relax and unwind while relieving pain and stress. I always look forward to our sessions. 

Stephanie D., Boise, ID

Healing work with Aileen is always a blessing. Aileen's skill in multiple modalities and her peaceful, uplifting presence makes for a deeply powerful experience and a wonderful personalized healing adventure!

Ethan F., Sedona, AZ

Aileen is a wonderful teacher. She was able to explain Reiki to those new to energy work as well as keeping it interesting to someone that has been doing energy work for over 20 years. It was obvious how much thought she put into the class and attention to details. I would highly recommend Aileen as a teacher to anyone interested in learning, experiencing and growing in their understanding of Reiki. I'm most grateful that I had her as a teacher. 

Katayia N, Sedona, AZ

I took a Level 1 & 2 Reiki class with Aileen, and I had an awesome experience! Aileen is wise, sweet, organized, smart and a great communicator. She has a lot of knowledge to share and I could feel that she was putting all her heart and soul in all lessons. It was only the first many of her course I want to be part of. Also, Aileen makes an affordable price which makes it possible for people to join and help the earth have even more souls following this healing journey. She definitely brought out the best in me, and I am inspired to follow her example of spreading Reiki to the world and making the world a better place!

Janaia M., Sedona, AZ

I found Aileen on FaceBook by a post saying she had one spot left for her Reiki class the following week. I am so happy that after years of looking for a teacher the Universe brought me to her. She is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher. The class was small, intimate and profoundly powerful. I now feel like I have tools to better help with self healing and have been using what I multiple times every day. If you want to learn about energy I would recommend this class to everyone, and it is super affordable. 

Kate S. Sedona, AZ

The first time Aileen worked on me, years of discomfort and cranial imbalances were relieved in one session. I will always remember it. My body started to unwind and shift, and Aileen patiently held space until our session was over. I felt brand new! It was like my body was waiting years for her hands. She is intuitive and sensitive, aware and knowledgeable, but it is her presence and genuine care that really stayed with me reflecting on our first session, and the many sessions that followed (and will follow) after that. If you are interested in Craniosacral Therapy or energy work, I would recommend working with, or learning from Aileen. If you are an adept or just curious - I would recommend her to anyone. I plan on working with her years to come. 


Brian Brennan

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